A Fontenay product is a statement of style and elegance. Our passion is to incorporate history into our collections using unique reclaimed materials. We handcraft custom wood floors, countertops and wine racks using reclaimed wine barrels and antique wine tanks. Our exclusive collection allows us to recycle thousands of barrels every year, creating valuable materials that will last a lifetime. We use eco-friendly water-borne floor finishes and 0 VOC oils to finish our floors. We also use Baltic Birch plywood platforms from managed forests. Below is more information about our exclusive products.

Vintage Barrel Collection:

Our Vintage Barrel Collection is the work of master craftsmen. We procure wine barrels and painstakingly mill them into 3 distinct products: Cooperage, Wine Infusion and Stave. Each piece is a custom hand-finished work of art. No two planks are exactly alike! The Vintage Barrel Collection is available as flooring and countertops.

Vintique Wine Racking:

Our Vintique wine racking uses reclaimed wine barrels to create a beautiful and unique wine display. We preserve the natural curve and color variations from the barrels. Vintique wine racks can be customized to fit any space and include a variety of options such as curved xbins, case storage, drawers, bottle displays, magnum storage and more.

Nautical Timbers:

Our antique Nautical Timbers flooring uses material reclaimed from the ballast and cribbage of ships that traveled the world from the 1940's to 1970's. We have identified over 70 species of wood originating from South America, Asia and South Africa. Material ranges in width, length, color and species.

Contact us today to incorporate our environmentally friendly pieces of history into your next project at 800-651-8225 or You can also visit our websites for more details about our exclusive collections: and